• 2019 Red Point Events - Saturday event January and Congress date

    Great news - The first Red Point Event in January is Saturday January 19th at 1pm. February CONGRESS Sat 23rd all day. More details soon MARCH RPE Wed 13/3 evening APRIL RPE Mon 15/4 afternoon MAY RPE Thur 16/5 afternoon JUNE RPE Wed 19/6 evening JULY RPE Mon 15/7 afternoon AUGUST RPE Thur 8/8 afternoon SEPTEMBER RPE Wed 11/9 evening OCTOBER RPE Mon 7/10 afternoon NOVEMBER RPE Thur 7/11 afternoon DECEMBER RPE Mon 2/12 afternoon We welcome guests from other clubs. Complimentary... read more...
    Thursday, 29 December 2016 by David Wheaton
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