Next Swiss Pairs: Thurs tba 1pm 

Losing Trick Count Lesson.

Thursday 14 Dec  $5 pp.     9:30am - 12:30pm.   Check you email for a flyer.

See  JBC Melbourne Cup photos here

Next RED POINT:   Monday 18th December @ 1:15pm

A NEW SERIES of SUPERVISED SESSIONS following on from just completed Beginner Lessons will run for the next few weeks on Thurdsday mornings 9:30am.  Volunteer Helpers are required.

Next Beginner Lessons:  February 2024 on Monday evenings,   7 - 10pm.  See below for more details.

You need to Pre-register for RED POINT EVENTS, SPECIAL EVENTS (Swiss Pairs. GNOT etc) and LESSONS. Please USE the SIGNUP BOX on this webpage.

Please arrive with your partner 15 minutes before start time and have the correct change with you.


WELCOME to the Joondalup Bridge Club

Do you want to play bridge in a friendly club?

Do you want to learn how to play bridge?

We are a progressive club with over 300 members.

We have 5 STANDARD CLUB ('competition style') sessions and 2 ABRIDGED ('shorter social style') sessions each week that cater for a wide range of bridge abilities. See the SESSION TIMES box on this website.

We are located just off Marmion Avenue in Padbury.

Most of the information you need to know is on this website so Browse (best on a large device or tablet) and contact us if you need to know more. 



NEXT Series of Beginner Lessons:  February 2024

MONDAY EVENING from 7 - 10pm.

Volunteer Helpers are required - use SIGNUP to register. 

A modest up front charge of $60 covers all 9 beginner lessons. This is followed by several weeks of supervised practice sessions ($4 ea) to gain confidence and speed up your play b4 attending our regular sessions.  Each session includes a short break for tea, biscuits plus time to meet and socialize with other attendees.

You will receive an excellent Booklet: 'Bridge Notes for Beginners', a Book of Homework Exercises as well as a copy of Materials from each Lesson (Weekly)

Each lesson includes theory (broken up in small segments) of a BASIC BIDDING SYSTEM (ACOL with 5 card majors, weak no trumps, weak 2's). We then use worksheet exercises, guided by an experienced helper at each table, to practice bidding and play of up to 8 boards to consolidate what is taught in that lesson.

A copy of each Lessons Powerpoint slides, worksheet exercises, answers and practice hands are sent to all attendees each week.

You must commit to ATTEND ALL LESSONS,  REVISE ALL MATERIAL thoroughly WEEKLY and DO the HOMEWORK EXERCISES to gain maximum benefit from the lessons.  

It takes time and effort, perseverance and practice to become a good bridge player and is not for the faint hearted. It is not Kitchen Bridge!

There are not many opportunities to learn bridge in the northern suburbs. We only hold 2 series of the Beginner Lessons each year. Places are limited!   So you need to Register early.

Register via the SIGNUP box on this website.

For more information Contact:

Egon:  0403 236 426   or  jbcreg@iinet.net.au

Login to Pianola for personal results history, analysis of your performance or to find a partner for a particular session (see below).

Need a Partner - We have got your back!

There are 3 ways we can help to find you a partner.

Preferred option is to go online and use Pianola.

Logon to Pianola and click on Partner Finder. Then in the new screen click on Create a Partner Finder Advert and follow the prompts. You can even stop the advert being seen by certain people by using the Preferences tab and following the prompts.  

If you have never logged onto Pianola you need to contact the club and ask to send you an Invite,  then open it and follow the prompts. 

OR Offline you can:

ASK ATTENDEES at any session you attend or PHONE preferred / potential JBC members DIRECT if you have their number. Some members display their contact details in Pianola, SOME DON'T.  If they don't, ASK A MEMBER to contact them to PASS their contact details on to you.

Attend some of the newbie supervised sessions, beginner lessons or Gala sessions as a helper and get to know some newbies and pick up a potential partner to mentor.   

Put your name on the Need a Partner sheet on the notice board, or get someone to do it for you. 

You can also check the notice board to see if anybody needs a partner for when you want to play.  

OR least preferred:

Contact the club and request an email be sent to all members giving your details.  Please note that we cannot create a Pianola Advert for you, nor will we be selective regarding who the email is sent to.


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STANDARD CLUB  1:30pm  Partner required 


STANDARD CLUB   6:45pm  Partner required


STANDARD CLUB  1:30pm, Partner NOT required as a HOST is available.


** STARTER  7:00pm  Partner NOT required


MORNING: Beginner Lessons / Supervised Sessions:   9:30am - 12pm  (Aug - Dec)

AFTERNOON: STANDARD CLUB  1:30pm  Partner required

EVENING: *ABRIDGED  7:00pm  Partner NOT required but preferred, NO HOST so take pot luck that someone may be available. 


STANDARD CLUB  1:30pm  Partner NOT required  

ABRIDGED sessions are shorter (3 hours, 20 - 22 boards), attract reduced masterpoints, allow more time per round, bidding aids and limited supervised help

STANDARD CLUB Sessions last about 3.5 hours, minimum of 24 boards, Full Green Masterpoints

** STARTER Session for those needing more practice to increase speed of play. (Timed, 15 - 18 boards, NO MASTER POINTS AWARDED. Bidding aids allowed, supervised help is provided. 

ALL sessions include a 15 minute refreshment interval.

Cost per session: $4 for members, $6 for non members.

We pride ourselves on being a friendly club and make all newcomers welcome

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