Snippet 10


 Look at the 3 hands above. Your right hand opponent who is the dealer has just bid a weak 2S

What do you bid with each hand.   I would bid

 (Top)     3 hearts. You have plenty of points and a good 5 card heart suit. I believe if you have a 5 card suit to bid and an opening hand you should overcall with it.

(Middle)   2NT. I have an agreement with my regular partner that if I have at least one good stopper in the weak suit called, a flat hand and a minimum of 14+ HCP then this is the bid.

(Bottom)    Double.  I have no stopper in spades so our agreement with an opening hand and no 5 card suit is to double.

You should have an understanding with your partner about how you deal with weak twos and pre-emptive bids.



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