Saturday, 31 August 2019 by Egon Mikolajczyk

It looks like Saturday afternoon sessions which started on October 5th for a trial period of 4 weeks are here to stay.

7 or more tables each week indicates it is a popular time for those who don't have regular weekend sporting, work or family commitments. You can even save money and have more fun than going shopping!

We will extend this session through the summer months until the start of the football season next April.   

1:30pm Start time.  Format is a 24 board competition just like our popular Friday sessions.

A host sytem is NOT in place so partners are essential.

Please come and support these sessions and even volunteer for:

Opening & setup, Dealing the cards and Scoring / Directing. 

We expect up to 12 tables with 33 boards to be prepared.

Even if you can only commit on an occasional basis, let Dirk our VP know as we would also like to identify potential backups for the above tasks.