RED POINT EVENTS plus New Rules for Entries

Thursday, 29 December 2016 by David Wheaton


Associate members must have played at least three (3) JBC green point sessions in the previous 3 months, prior to attending a Red Point event. 

Red point events will be restricted to Full members and qualifying Associate members.  Cost $5 per event.

Entries can be made on the list at the club or using the SIGN-UP / Pre-Registration Box on this Webpage. 



April 12th           Monday afternoon          

May 6th             Thursday afternoon - CANCELLED                  

June 14th           Monday afternoon       

July 15th             Thursday afternoon               

August 9th           Monday afternoon             

September 16th Thursday afternoon          

October 9th       Saturday afternoon               

November 8th   Monday afternoon             

December 4th   Saturday afternoon                 

Complimentary refreshments WILL BE SERVED after the event.   

Entry fee is $5.