Friday, 16 June 2023 by Egon Mikolajczyk

For some time now, the committee has been evaluating how best to combine the steady inflow of beginners into the evening sessions with the growing competitive levels of the regular evening players. Taking into consideration the member feedback received during the Vision/Mission survey, we are pleased to announce the following expansion & changes to our evening sessions starting on JUNE 20:


1.    TUESDAY: 6:45pm – 10pm. Full MP session of 24 boards.

2.    WEDNESDAY: 7pm – 10pm. Starter session of 15 -18 boards. No partner required (until further notice).

3.    THURSDAY: 7pm – 10pm. Social session of 20-22 boards (Half MP session).


TUESDAY evenings will now commence at 6.45pm. Players MUST be SEATED by 6:35pm. The session will play a minimum of 24 boards and be eligible for full MPs. No cheat sheets are allowed.


WEDNESDAY evenings is a NEW session, perfect for beginners and those who prefer a slower pace. Players will have more time per board to build up experience and confidence, whilst still playing in a club competition format. Boards played will be between 15-18 and cheat sheets are allowed. NO PARTNER REQUIRED (Note: this is temporary, until further notice). Fred Heywood will be the principal Director.


THURSDAY Evening session will remain a half MP session but boards played will be a minimum of 20, growing to 22 over a period of time, akin to the current Tuesday evening session. This means players will be under a little more pressure to speed up their game. If members feel this isn’t the right playing environment for them, they have now the option to play in the Wednesday evening session. Cheat sheets are allowed and wine and cheese will still be available during the break.

With this new schedule, we maintain a clear growth path for our newcomers whilst providing ample competition opportunities in the evenings for our more experienced players.

Please see also the FAQ below for more information.

Stay Safe.

Couldn’t we just add a session on another evening?

The hall has permanent bookings for Monday & Friday evenings (Winter) and is unavailable on weekends (Winter).

Why can’t we just increase to 24 boards on Tuesday without starting earlier?

Currently, with 22 boards, we manage to finish at 10pm. Adding 2 more boards will rush many Tuesday regulars, which will lead to stress, displeasure and possibly giving up on Tue evenings.

I cannot make it by 6:45pm. Could we not instead play until 10:15pm?

We learned from the previous (2016-2019) Wednesday Evening sessions that players consider 10:00pm the very latest to return home.

I cannot make it by 6:45pm. What should I do now?

With beginners now starting their bridge journey on Wednesday evening, it is anticipated that the Thursday evenings will evolve to be identical to the current Tuesday session in playing experience.

Why are cheat sheets no longer allowed on Tuesday evenings?

By ABF rules, no aids are allowed in full MP sessions.

What if I cannot keep up play for the 24 boards on Tuesdays?

There will not be any change of pace on Tuesday since you will have 15min more playing time. Regular Tuesday players should therefor not experience any difficulty.

What if I cannot keep up the tempo on Thursday?

The increase in tempo on Thursday will be gradual and closely watched by your director to minimise discomfort. Most players with some experience will easily adapt to the slight tempo increase. Those who prefer a slower pace, and new beginners will find the perfect fit in the new Wednesday evening session.

What will happen to Wednesday night session when the Beginner lessons resume?

Beginner lessons are held twice each year. One course will be during the daytime whilst the evening course will be moved to Monday evening. The Wednesday evening beginner session will therefor not be impacted.

Is the Wednesday evening session a supervised session?

No. At the conclusion of each beginner course we will have a limited number of supervised sessions. Members who wish for advice & help with their bidding & play are recommended to attend the beginner lessons and/or supervised sessions.

Why are we changing the Thursday Night session to 20-22 boards?

The purpose of Thursday Night was to ease beginners into club bridge. Over the years, many have made this their regular session and become accomplished players. As a result, there is frustration when beginners join and the pace is dropped to 16-18 boards. As Tuesday has shown us, without absolute beginners, most regulars will easily play 20-22 boards in the allotted time. Those who prefer a slower pace, and new beginners will find the perfect fit in the new Wednesday evening session.

Will there be a volunteer Host system on Wednesday evenings? 

On Wednesday evenings, you can come without a partner and we will pair you up. The club will provide a Host. When the session reaches critical mass, a formal volunteer Host system may be set up then.

How is the parking on Wednesday Night?

There is plenty of easy parking on Wednesday nights.